Join us every Tuesday at 6:30pm for our Whiskey Tasting Classes! Reservations are required, 免费上youtube伕理软件

We’re Open! Masks are now mandatory. See what we are doing to ensure a safe guest experience. Learn more >


Bringing the roaring twenties to life with over 20 intoxicating exhibits & authentic speakeasy


From gangsters to rumrunners, learn about the most infamous troublemakers of the 1920s and 30s


Centrally located next to Ellis Square, in the popular City Market


Learn to make your own hooch while exploring an extensive collection of moonshine stills


Dive Into The Era
Plan Your visit
Admission and Package Prices include entrance to the Savannah museum and access to our Congress Street Up Speakeasy
Sneak Peak
play video of a sneak peak of the museum
Museum Hours
10am - 5pm
Museum Location

209 W. St. Julian Street, Savannah GA 31401
Located next to Ellis Square in the City Market we are just blocks away from Robinson Parking Garage

Get Directions

The American Prohibition Museum is accessible to guests with disabilities

congress street up

A museum where you can drink? Ain’t that swell! As part of the museum experience, whisper the password at the door, and enter our speakeasy that’s bound to raise your spirits. You’ll be greeted by a bartender who’ll be happy to serve you one of our select 1920’s cocktails & a dash of history with every pour.

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